Copper dormer – architectural charm to any structure.

Williams dormer



Williams Dormer – copper material and Azek trim window.
The importance of excellent P&J Metal Craft services is to built custom crates and deliver our products safely to the location
Excellent job by P&J Metal craftsman crating this dormer and secure every part of it inside the crate.










Williams Dormer Installation.
Williams Dormer Installation Process.
Williams Dormer Installed.







Copper Dormer brings architectural charm to any structure while allowing in natural light. Check out the video about the dormer’s installation in California. Thank you Mr. Williams for creating and sharing the video with our company.  The view from the dormer’s window is breathtaking. P&J Metal Craft artisans fabricated this dormer in the finest quality and customized  a masterpiece  to match our client’s home’s style and decor.

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Custom Products & Sheet Metalworking Services

Don’t see the product you’re seeking in our catalog? Let us design and create it for you. Our skilled sheet metal craftsmen can customize a masterpiece of any size and material to match your home’s style and decor. Featuring the same exceptional handcrafted artistry as all our products, we create custom pieces including:

Fire pits,  Range hoods,    Copper sinks,    Light fixtures,    Countertops,    Backsplashes,    Balconies  

Custom copper fire pit   
Stainless steel range hood
Green patina custom balcony

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P&J Metal Craft is a family-owned company with European roots and a proud tradition of craftsmanship that stretches back more than two decades. Our master artisans are trained in both old world techniques and the latest metalworking technologies. At our workshop in Stamford, CT, we combine those skills with meticulous attention to detail and an unerring eye for quality to craft the finest architectural sheet metal products.

Whether you shop our catalog or let us create a custom accent to bring your vision to life, our products add both European elegance and practical functionality to any structure. Our distinctive embellishments are unique works of art that increase the value—and enhance your enjoyment—of your property.


Exquisitely detailed cornices make a beautiful crowning addition to any building and help with water drainage.

Custom Sheet Metal Products

Select a custom architectural sheet metal product from our catalog. Our handmade accents will compliment any architectural style and add an elegance to any structure. Metal Craft designs and manufactures a customized line of leader heads, finials, weathervanes, cupolas, dormers, chimney caps, chimney pots and cornices.

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