Metal Spinning



This is a forming process that produces hollow parts that are typically circular in cross-section. The basic metal spinning process starts with a flat metal disc (blank), this rotates on a lathe. This rotating blank is pressed against a tool (chuck mandrel) that duplicates the interior of the part.
The basic metal spun shapes are the hemisphere, ball, cone, cylindrical shell and venture to name a few.


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Copper Metal Spinning

The copper parts produced by P&J Metal Craft are used for lighting, roofing and decorative purposes since copper are a popular alloy that is known for its heat resistant abilities.

Brass Metal Spinning

P&J Metal Craft commonly makes use of brass for decorative metal applications. Brass is a formable metal that is receptive to many different finishing purposes.

Aluminum Metal Spinning

P&J Metal Craft is specialized in spinning aluminum of various sizes and alloys. Our aluminum products have the ability to be polished to the highest standard of commercial industries.